While visiting voters in the precinct these last few weeks I realized how important it is to keep Town Council as a nonpartisan body. Just a couple of years ago, we watched previous Town Councilors actions with distress as our Town government was pulled apart by members wanting to fulfill personal or political agendas. We cannot let anything like that happen again.

In order for our town to move forward we need a council who can collaborate and treat our differences with respect. We need a council who will continue to keep a watchful eye on our town administration while working with the staff in the best interests of our constituents according to our Town Charter.

"Communication and Collaboration are crucial to a dynamic, thriving community"

Elect Deb Converse

Candidate for Barnstable's Precinct 6

We are past the preliminary vote for Town Councilor in Precinct 6, and I am on the ballot for the November 5, election. The day is quickly approaching and I need your help.

JOIN US FOR A CAMPAIGN PARTY: Sunday, October 13 from 4:00 to 5:30pm at Deb's House, 558 Lumbert Mill Road

Donations can be mailed to 558 Lumbert Mill Road, Centerville, MA 02632. We thank you for your generosity!